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Fasting For Friends Programs

We take pride in the programs we've created. We make sure every program drives our mission forward. Take a look below at our tools for amplifying our impact.  

Fasting For Friends


This our general program that provides support for all of our methods in aiding communities in hunger relief. Giving to this program allows us to disperse our funds to our areas of greatest need. When there is a community in need of immediate assistance, we fall short on community fundraising goals, we build educational resources, and other similar situations, we use funds from this program. 

Food Shelf

of the Month

In order to ensure that we are able to make large impacts in communities, we focus on one specific food shelf every month. Before we select a food shelf each month, we research their community impact and the need of the community itself. This way we are able provide a significant number of meals to the communities in most need. Food shelves that would like to be selected as a Food Shelf of the Month should contact us for more information.

Food Shelf

of Your Choice

Want to provide meals in your community but your food shelf isn't the Food Shelf of the Month? Don't worry, we have a solution for you! Donate to a food shelf of your choice at the donation checkout or to any other meal-supplying organization of your choice, including, soup kitchens, community gardens, local hunger relief organizations, etc. and we'll ensure that 100% of your donation helps supply meals in your community.

Hungry to Learn

Teaching others about hunger is an essential step in tackling hunger. That's why we've created Hungry to Learn, an educational toolkit for classrooms and communities. This set of resources allows us to engage adults in necessary conversations and youth in thought-provoking activities. Educating others allows for sustainable change.

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